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On 12 January 2019 Aberdeen City Council revealed plans to eradicate homelessness in Aberdeen – an ambitious plan but something that everyone we are sure would like to see happen.  As part of this objective they plan to build 2,200 new affordable homes over the next 5 years.  Therefore, the expectation must surely be that developers are being held to the appropriate level of affordable housing contributions – currently 25%.

However,as NKS has reported previously, Aberdeen Football Club who are selling the Pittodrie stadium with planning permission to build 350 homes are asking Aberdeen City Council to allow them special dispensation from this 25%.  AFC are asking that their contribution is reduced to 10%, meaning a reduction from 88 affordable homes to 35.  On 11 June 2018 they again wrote to the council asking to be given special dispensation.

They are now saying that because Cove Rangers were allowed a reduced contribution, they should be too.  It’s hardly comparing apples with apples – a SPL team with a multi-million-pound turnoverwith planning permission for 350 homes, as opposed to a Highland League Club who had planning permission for 48 homes and reduced their affordable housing contribution from 12 to 4.  

Aberdeen City Council have already shown ‘flexibility’ in their own policies to approve the Kingsford Planning Application – how flexible are they going to be with this?


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