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It’s not too late to donate. Just a few days until Judicial Review begins in the Court of Session.

It is now clear for all to see that AFC are ploughing on (literally) with the development at Kingsford. The sheer scale of the development is now apparent. We are already seeing other planning applications being submitted on the back of the Kingsford approval. When will it end? When we have no green space left at all?

A successful outcome to the NKSL challenge of the decision made by Aberdeen City council via a Judicial Review is the only hope of getting this decision reversed, and with less than a week to go before the Judicial Review we still require donations to help us to fund the challenge.

Join with us to show that communities can stand up to developers and big business – please donate if you can to ….

Support for the “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign” can now be given by donating to NKS/WAEPAL.  Your donations will be used to support the NO Kingsford Stadium Campaign.

STEP 1:  Complete a WAEPAL GiftAid form at https://waepal.org.uk/why-claim-gift-aid/


STEP 2: Donate via Online Banking:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 83-15-31

Account Number: 19086195


Or send a cheque payable to West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited to:

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited

Westhill Business Centre

Endeavour Dr, Arnhall Business Park

Westhill AB32 6UF

The methods above are the most tax and cost efficient.  You can also give by online with PayPal:



STEP 3: Keep in touch

Please then send an email to WAEPAL (info@waepal.org.uk) as notification of your donation so that we can keep you informed of developments.

West Aberdeen Environmental Protection Association Limited is a Charity registered in Scotland SC048568

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